The Perfect Start

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The Art of Entrepreneurship 

How to start a business, launch a product, get investment and more from the first day forward. Every Successful business has a different story, but we’ve analyzed a lot of them and combined with our own personal experience created a comprehensive guide to catapult you straight from having an idea to living your dream. 

The Perfect Start is divided into 5 modules:

  • The Cause - how to find and analyze your Vision. Find your 'whys' and 'hows', your reasons for starting and your fears that are holding you back.
  • Articulate - How to effectively communicate and pitch your ideas, and how to clarify the steps to success.
  • Activate - How to trudge through the mud, recruit and raise Capital.
  • Expand - Partnering, branding and expanding your Business.
  • Obligation - Analyze where you want to go, what you can control, and how to be the face of your organization. 

This Online Seminar includes:

  • The Complete Perfect Start Seminar text 
  • Over 2hrs of Audio material that will motivate and inspire you as they take you through each integral part of this Seminar.