Our Story

The Silicon Valley Solutions Company is a collective of Consultants who are hell-bent on using their experience to empower the next generation of Companies, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Inventors, and beyond. In a haze of hacks and charlatans, We provide the most straight forward and all-encompassing content to help you become a more successful, more free, and more influential you. 

Key Individuals:

Jakob Weinstein - Co-Founder & Wall Street Entrepreneur, specializing in currency trading & Private Equity

Markus Baum m.D. - Co-Founder & Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, specializing in Start-up Investments.

Sam Davidoff  - Co-Founder, Serial-Entrepreneur & Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, specializing in Tech.

David Gould - Co-Founder, Entrepreneur & Seminar Director, with a background in Retail & Textiles. 


For Inquiries contact us at Info@SiliconValleySCO.com

For Corporate packages and Private Bookings please contact us at PrivateBookings@SiliconValleySCO.com