Chain Reaction

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Why certain Products Succeed and others Won’t.

Why do some things go Viral and others don’t? Why do certain products sell out and others are stuck on the shelf? Chain Reaction analyzes the biggest blunders and biggest successes in product releasing history and creates a step-by-step outline of how to have your product sell.

Chain Reaction is divided into 6 sections:

  • Social Currency - people share and invest in what makes them look good
  • The Triggers - how to get in the back of people's minds and on the tips of their tongues.
  • Capturing Emotions - Emotionally invested customers become the biggest evangelists for your product and company.
  • The Public - Capturing the limelight and staying in the mix.
  • Practical Value - Behavioral Economics and how to add practical value people can latch onto. 
  • The Story - How to give your product and company it's own universe that will capture the minds of people. Not only how embed a narrative people will share, but how to become valuable not just Viral. 

This Seminar Contains:

  • The full Chain Reaction text with space to annotate and highlight for yourself.
  • over 2hrs of audio material taking you through the seminar and expanding on all the important details to help them stick in your mind and blossom through your work. 

I dare you to implement this system and see if it doesn't completely change the entire way you see your product and marketing. I dare you to implement this system and see just how effective it is in creating a chain reaction of viral products that capture the imaginations of clients.

All I ask is that if this seminar changes your approach to your products and increases your success like it has for so many others across the globe; that you give the program a ton of referrals, because this is how we together empower the people in our lives to be more successful and more fulfilled in our lives.