E.S.A. The Pillars of Persuasion

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Most Persuasion Seminars and Courses you will come across through out your life and career are Total BS. They are practically all ‘The 9 steps of Lies’ peddled by some faceless Middle-Manager in a cheap, ill-fitting suit who has have never actually sold a thing in their entire life. 

The problem is that virtually all persuasion courses aren't actually about empowering you to become the best and most persuasive person you can be, they are about selling more Seminars and courses. “I’ll give you 3 steps now, but you have to buy my lame book for the next three steps. The three steps after that are available in my 99 part video series and I buried the last three steps in a time-capsule at the top of Mount Everest”. They might have a few gold nuggets in there but it’s mostly just hot-air. You know it, and I know it. 

ESA is a compilation of the main psychological, clinically proven, and most importantly financially proven methods of selling. The data is compiled from licensed Hypnotherapists, NLP professionals, Wall Street investors, stock brokers, and more. They are the real masters of persuasion - the people who are out there living on the edge, reaping the rewards and aren't just talking about it, but have been persuading since day one. 

I dare you to implement this system and see if it doesn't completely change your job, your personal life, your company, and your personal legacy. I dare you to implement this system and see the results in just a few weeks time.

All I ask is that if this system changes your life like it has for me personally and for so many others across the globe; that you give the program a ton of referrals, because this is how we together empower the people in our lives to be more successful and more fulfilled in our lives. Let’s cut the crap and walk hand-in-hand into success.


ESA - The Pillars of Persuasion covers:

  1. ESA - What ESA stands for and why it is crucial to success (Enthusiastic, Sharp, and Authority).
  2. Digging for Gold - How to Qualify & Disqualify potential clients as quickly as possible to ensure you are being as efficient with your time as possible; so you are "selling" the right group of people who will generate the maximum amount of "sales" possible.
  3. Tone - How certain ways you speak, if used correctly, can trigger unconscious triggers in the mind and have people eating out of the palm of your hand. It's the closest skill to actual 'Magic' there is.
  4. The Right Questions - Now that you are using Tone correctly, what the right questions to ask are that will give you all of the information you need to swiftly close the client.
  5. Stay in the Lane - How to keep the sale focused on the close and not get sidetracked off into the weeds.
  6. Forces that Create Results - Often overlooked aspects of selling that can make all the difference in the world when utilized correctly.
  7. The Presentation - Attitudes, phrases, and body language that will help turn you into a Closing Machine.
  8. Becoming a Visionary - Not only how to have customers for life, but what the true root of success and persuasion is, and how to take charge of your mental state and turn yourself into a Force of Nature. 


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